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My name is Aline🧚🏼

A few years ago when I started practicing yoga to reduce anxiety, little did I know how much magic, transformation, and growth this journey would bring into my life, and still does to this day!

After becoming a certified health coach and a yoga teacher, I began studying Naturopathy and Reiki (Energy Healing). As a highly sensitive being I've always been very intuitive, and connected to the spiritual realm. 

My mission is to remind you of your MAGIC by guiding you on a journey inwards to connect with your inner wisdom.


I believe that we are our own healers, our bodies are constantly telling us what they need...it's our job to listen carefully. And as 'simple' as this sounds, sometimes we need some extra support, an outside perspective to talk/feel things out.

'Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.' - Hippocrates

Curriculum Vitae

2022 - Naturopathy (ADNL, Luxembourg)

2021 - Reiki Shinpiden III (CENIF Amadora with João Magalhães)

2021 - Art Therapy (Instruire.com)

2020 - 200HR Hatha Yoga Teacher (INDIV YOGA, Nyon)

2020 - Holistic Health Coach (IIN, New York)

2018 - MSc in Marketing (ISCTE, Lisbon)

2016 - Bachelor in Marketing (EPHEC, Brussels)

2011 - High School Diploma (Lycée Michel Rodange, Luxembourg)




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I speak French, Danish, Luxembourgish, German, and English.